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the crew who made Kerning a great conference

Francesco Fullone

Francesco is a nerd, an otaku and a father who occasionally does some work as entrepreneur and startup mentor.

He loves to work with web technologies and his new hobby is testing startups business models. You can find him in almost every social networks as fullo and physically, sometimes, in ideato's office in Cesena.

He spends some of his free time traveling, organizing conferences for GrUSP and writing books. If you attended any international conference about web technologies in Italy, you met him as speaker, organizer or attendee.

Enrico Stradaioli

13 years projecting, designing and developing: skateboards, lights, tv-sets, logos, food packages e labels, with passion.

Beatrice Bassi

Half a designer and half an agronomy student, people would say: But fully crazy! Yes, that’s me.

What do I have to do with Kerning? Everything started making the conference logo: typography was an undiscovered world for me so I drowned myself in research. Not only history and design knowledges, but over all, the stubborn pursuit of harmony and simplicity behind the work of font makers made me definitively a typelover.

In the end: the staff was so fed up of me and my suggestions to decide shutting me up by giving me some responsibility.


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